Awesome videos about MangoCoinz

We did not make these videos and pictures. These videos and pictures are made by people that thought MangoCoinz was so cool that they decided to do all this crazy stuff.

We've put this together in order to spark your imagination to think about all the possibilities that this might have, and already has. Just a food for thought...

Parts of episode from a show "It's All About Crypto" about MangoCoinz
and some other altcoins made by some altcoin entusiasts.
Here is the link to the original video:

Video about a chinese user using a motor to mine MangoCoinz, this video is related to the photos below describing this mining method.
Here is the link to the original video:

Another video about mining MangoCoinz using a motor.
Here is the link to the original video:

Video where MangoCoinz are being mined using a vibrating fan.
Some cool comments on the forum:
Some cool pictures:

Some user attached a phone to a ceiling fan to mine MangoCoinz

A mobile shop owner in china sent us a photo of his shop.
Some photos from the MangoCoinz group on qq(chinese social network).
A comment from the same MangoCoinz group, describing the motor mining method.
Chinese users tried to emulate the application and after failing they bought phone motherboards to build a MangoCoinz mining farm.